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Yummy Strawberry Hair Colors and Hairstyles 2020

When you are here, it means you are either looking for a brand new hairstyle or hair color. Today’s article is dedicated to blondes and redheads. It’s about strawberry hair colors and hairstyles 2019 .

This shade is halfway between red and blond tones. In a word, it’s neither blonde nor red. This hue covers everything from copper tones to ginger balayage highlights. With every strawberry color you will attract attention in the crowd.

Strawberry Medium Hair

If you prefer a blonde rather than a red color, this eye-catching, medium-length strawberry blonde is just for you. It’s a hair color that definitely makes you stand out in the crowd. When it comes to styling your strands, opt for a curling iron and give your strands beautiful waves for an extraordinary hairstyle. The advantage is that it is low maintenance.

Strawberry blond and dark copper tone

Do you want to look like one of those fairies? Well, this color combination will provide you with fairy vibes. This hair color requires mixing a strawberry shadow with a deep copper coloring. In addition to the shade, we also love this smooth and straight hairstyle. Use your hair straightener to keep your hair straight. If you have a chic hair color like this, you do not have to worry about the styling.

Copper Blonde Balayage: Strawberry Hair Colors and Hairstyles 2019

We have something for ladies who are in short styles. Regardless of whether you have a short bob or are planning to do it, consider including it with a strawberry tone enhanced with copper balayage highlights. If you choose this hair color, make sure that the color tone complements your skin color and eye color.

Red-blond Kinky Hair

If you’re looking for a hue that gives your kinky tresses extra pop, consider a strawberry blue tone. As far as you can see, dark women can also play with the sound. In fact, it is necessary to talk to your hair colorist before you rock the shade. Best of all, there are sounds for every woman, regardless of skin tone and eye color.

Sun kissed red and blond hair color

There are so many women who dream of these sun-kissed streaks. Everything is more than easy with balayage technology. Below we have a red hair color, which is spiced up with blond tones. It is a fantastic option for women who can not make notes between blonde and red.

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