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Wavy hairstyles for men 2020

Messy waves

Wavy hair is really great if you want to improve your natural ferocity. With waves you can create a sophisticated hair look. Below, we have a great hairstyle option for men with wavy hair. As you can see, the waves look good with a hint of Tousle. Tapered sides add a touch of cuteness to the style. If you have these waves, do not hesitate to rock the following style.

Wavy Hair with Taper Sides

The following style is perfect for guys with thick hair. It’s a fancy haircut that emphasizes the natural texture. Everything about this style is impeccable. Best of all, if you’re blessed with these curls, you do not have to think about styling. The most important thing is to get the cut right, otherwise it will not be the best idea to bring out your texture.

Slicked Back Waves: wavy hairstyles for men 2019

Now you can see that discarded hairstyles look cool even on wavy hair. The following hairstyle is pretty easy to create. Apply a few hair products to your waves and simply comb them back. Waves add extra volume and texture, while the mid-fade makes it a sophisticated haircut that’s easy to reach. It is also a low maintenance style.

Thick Yield with Drop Fade

Here’s a longer and heavier way to rock structured haircuts. It’s a bold hairstyle that’s all about contrast. A bare drop fading with fringes takes the whole look a score higher. It’s a great hairstyle that definitely makes you stand out in the crowd. Trendsetters Men will love this style. Take the following hairstyle for yourself and make a bold statement.

Wavy Faux Hawk: wavy hairstyles for men 2019

It’s a Mohawk-inspired look that works great with this hair type. Undercut is the boldest element of this hairstyle. In fact, you should have enough hair to get a stunning hawk like this one. Note that the hair is wavy and pinched in the middle to mimic the False Hawk.

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