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Waterfall Braid with short hair: French braided hairstyles

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Mid-length bob with a waterfall and French braid looks pretty charming and romantic. If you want to be graceful and charming, the splendid style can be your good choice. Face-framed layered long styles look cool and charming.

The wonderfully smooth layers can give the whole look a lot of volume. The straight smooth super and chic style with a shiny, blunt bob can lift the beautiful face. The waterfall and the French plait can add a special factor to the smooth style.

Styling steps

  • Make some layers on the back and sides.
  • Put some side-swept pony subtly over your forehead to make the whole style look soft and soft. Cut the hair around the shoulder to frame the charming face.
  • Create the front and said hair in waterfall and French braid.

Wasserfall Braid mit kurzem Haar: Französisch geflochtene Frisuren

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