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Updos for black women in 2020

Hairstyles for natural hair always have something to say. This hair type offers numerous styling options – from waves to sophisticated updos.

We know how difficult it is to deal with natural thick and tangled hair, but we also know how many beautiful hairstyles you can achieve with this texture. Today we put together updos for black women in 2019 . Keep reading to see her.

Twisted updo

Elegant and classic updos are all about simplicity. This twisted updo is an eye-catcher. The best part is that you can reach it within ten minutes. I agree, it is unbelievable, but true. The key to this amazing updo is hidden behind the right hair oils. First, soothe your kinks with a proper oil, turn the front part and retire in an elegant bun hairstyle. Fell free to rock this headdress in formal settings as well.

Reverse braid and updo

Updos with reverse braids are becoming increasingly popular. This updo is just super trendy. It is not just black women but also other favorite design. It looks complicated, but you can easily reach, just try to figure out the technique. All you have to do is braiding straight from the neck. Then gather the braid with the rest of the curls and get an updo.

Updos for Black Women in 2019: Sophisticated Updo

You can formally wear this sophisticated updo. The style is achieved with the help of twists. Individual twists within the updo improve it. Apart from that, they tend to add texture and visual interest to the look. Maybe it’s a bit difficult to recreate style for you, so we recommend asking your hairdresser for some help. I assure you with a properly chosen dress that you will be the queen of the day.

Short hairstyle with headband

Even with short hair, you can create beautiful headgear. Look at this model, she wears a short hairstyle styled in mini pigtails. This fun hairstyle is paired with a tropical headband to bring mini-braids one step higher. Whenever you do not know which hairstyle you wear to sport, just throw a simple headband and your unique hairstyle is ready to take on the world.

Updos for Black Women in 2019: High Bun with Twists and Braids

High rolls are included in the list when it comes to elegant hairstyles. But a normal high bun can be tiring, so you’ll have to try a slightly complicated version of the bun. In fact, on natural hair, it is possible to achieve different types of high buns. One of the options is shown below. It’s a mix of braids and twines that are professionally woven and mixed.

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