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Undercut and Edgy, short hair

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The short and edgy cut is cut smooth all over the back and sides and fits into the upper serrated cut layers, giving the side cut cut a lot of texture.

The upper layers are overcoated on one side to frame the face, and it also brings a weightless and sleek look. The stylish layers can add style and shape to the look. The sideways curved bangs can add style and charm to the nicey, multi-layered hairstyle.

Divide the hair into sections-part hair vertically in the middle and horizontally. Start by shaving. Keep the razor tender. Take a fine-toothed comb to raise the hair at an angle of about 45 degrees and slide the razor over the tips of the hair in short, choppy movements. Create a side panel to frame the charming face. Put some curly pony folds on the forehead to make the whole hairstyle look delicate and great.

Length : short
Type : Straight; Side pony
Hair color : chalk color

Undercut und Edgy, kurzes Haar

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