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Trendy short hairstyles

As we all know, hair models are very trendy in the last 2 years. Many ladies cut their hair so short. Or women think of abbreviations. If you are a lady with a round face, I can say that this model was really created for you.

The round face is a very beneficial face. You can choose different hair models with different round face shapes. Because it is a kind of face that is compatible with many hairstyles and hair length. Here we have put together short hairstyles for round faces …

Asymmetric French Braid

Do you ever think why French women are so stylish? That’s why we would like to introduce you to Asymmetrical French Braid. Shorten each side of your hair considerably and paint the black color. Wear white clothes and you can be a perfect princess.

Braided beauty

Have you ever tried plaited hair for short hair? Then it’s time. You can choose a double color tone. You will look good with dark and dark brown hair colors.

Classic Nineties Bobs

What do you say, we do some crazy moves? Then get ready for the Classic Nineties Bobs. You can use red lipstick and light make-up.

1- Best 2019 short natural hairstyles

2 faces short hair

3- short hairstyles

4- Short hairstyles for round faces

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