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Trendy short hairstyle for girls: Blond Hair

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The admiring golden blond hair is foehn-dried to show the different layers cut around the back and sides bringing the shape and movement of the appearance.

The trendy short hairstyle tapers into the back of the head, with the layers fitting into the sides that fall over the ears. The upper layers are overlaid on one side to frame the face, giving it a weightless and soft look. The stylish layers can add style and shape to the look. Long layers cut around the edges to soften and soften the hairstyle. This smooth straight subtle layered looks cute and charming and it’s perfect for people with fine to medium hair types.

Styling steps

  • Smooth all hair to get rid of the tangles.
  • Cut the hair off the side and make the back longer than the side.
  • Put some side swings on the forehead to make the entire hairstyle look soft and tender.

Short haircut

Trendige Kurzhaarfrisur für Mädchen: Blondes Haar

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