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Short strands have taken over the hairstyles of women and certainly will not go anywhere in the foreseeable future. Where glamorous waves used to be for a long time, chic bobsleighs and lobs are ruling today. From edgy crops to beautiful, layered looks, these statement styles are perfect for hitting the refresh button on your hair.

So, if you’re ready to make the daring decision to cut off your long curls, here are the most stylish bob and praise haircuts for your inspiration.

Bob haircuts

1. Choppy Bob

Keep your layers thin and uneven for a choppy, cool new look. Wear with a dark turtleneck attention to your unique locks.

2. Blunt Bob

Blunt edges that are hidden to highlight a shiny, dewy face make this bob perfect for the outdoors look.

3rd angel Bob

Do you remember Cameron Diaz with a beautiful short blond bob dancing around in the opening scenes of Charlies Angels? Do you want to look like this? This hairstyle is for you!

4. Fairytale Bob

This ruffled and hot-rolled bob puts you in an era of big balls and decadent clothes. Wear it to your next evening soiree like a queen.

5. Super fringe

Tip the proportions with an epic fringe and short, short-cut bob for a sultry, fun new look. This hairstyle is perfect for drawing attention to the eyes.

6. Disheveled Bob

The great thing about a bob is that it can look stylish even in disarray. Be natural with this effortless short cut.

7. Bomb Bob

This eye-catching, elegant style will uncover the cheekbones and show the world a new side of your self-confident personality.

8. Catwalk Bob

This style is pure haute couture and nothing for the faint-hearted. It is categorized by the short edge that enters Bob. Add a dazzling color for maximum impact.

9. Sci-Fi Bob

Curl a heavy bangs inward and keep your edges sharp for a futuristic sci-fi look. Go icy white or fire red to further enhance that look.

10. Layered Bob

Dreaming of a white Christmas? A soft, gradual side fringe and smooth layers create the perfect warm look to relax by the fire.

11. Bob with bouncing curls

A strong bangs and many curls invigorate the hair and create a glamorous, new look. This style is best for girls with long or heart shaped faces.

12. Wispy Bob

A thin fringe and a thin bob are needed to achieve this delicate and stunning look. This hairstyle is perfect for blondes. Pair it with a lace or blush pink dress for your next garden party.

13. Winter Bob

As winter approaches, dig out these wool accessories that you wanted to wear all summer long. Combine your new bob with a cute hat for a simple, charming outfit upgrade.

14. Wind-whipped Bob

This wild and windy, bold look will say goodbye to the flat hairs. Use texturizing spray to add volume to your bob, then hit the streets with your best leather jacket.

15. Wet Bob

Channel your inner ocean goddess and be brave at your next event with a slick, wet bob. Contoured cheekbones, a sultry, smoky eye and your best hair gel make sure you stay exquisite all night long.

16. Toasted side panel Bob

This ragged side piece goes well with any occasion and can be worn from day to night with a statement necklace and cat’s eye eyeliner.

17. The tuck

Can not you fix yourself on the heels? See if the bob / praise look is for you, with a figure-hugging turtleneck and sneaky-hair styling in the collar!

18th French Bob

Look like a Parisian native with a dark, brushed bob and waves brushing his forehead. Just roll up the ends and order a croissant.

19. Structured Bob

Are not you sure what to do with these big locks? Crash them and brush your fat bob back to create a textured and seductive look.

20. Sporting praise

For girls who travel a lot, this sporty spoonbill needs only minimal effort to keep you looking good. Shorter layers delicately frame the face, but can still be easily tied when it’s time to hit the field.


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