Bob Hairstyles

Total schöne gewellte Bob Frisuren

sind die unverzichtbare Kurzhaarfrisur für Damen. Bob cut hairstyles are the indispensable short hairstyle for ladies. Everyone has tried this hairstyle at least once in their lives. There is certainly a model for every type of face.
If your hair is wavy, this gallery can be a good guide for you. Wavy hair types make your hair look thick and cool. . Highlights and ombre color technique really attractive color choice for wavy bob hairstyles . In this gallery you’ll find choppy bobs , layered styles, dull middle bobs, and more! Just scroll down and create an amazing hairstyle for yourself!

1. Thick wavy hair 2018

Soft, natural waves with reverse layered bob look looks really stylish for girls:

2. Long wavy Bob Ombre

Blonde Balayage and Ombre Colored Soft Brown Bob Hairstyle:

3. Short wavy blond hair

Cute blonde bob with soft waves, looks so chic and attractive to pale skin ladies:

4. Medium Bob Haircut

Layered Cur Wobbelbob is totally cool and this style will help you to make thick hair look.

5. Brown short hair highlights

6. Alba Galocha

7. Messy style

8. Short blonde dull cuts

9. Shoulder-length hair 2018

10. Blonde hair color idea

11. Medium short blond wavy hairstyle

12. Nice wavy updo

13. Curly waves

14. Pink ombre short hair

15. Eisblonde wavy bob

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