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Top 5 Hailey Baldwin's hairstyles that stole the show

Hailey Baldwin is one of our favorite fashion icons who know how to do things right. Her hairstyles are something to die for. Ponytails and pigtails make up an important part of her image. She has often seen with this eye-catching Dos. Take a look at Top 5 Hailey Baldwin’s hairstyles that stole the show.

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If you have not yet selected a headgear for you, try one of their looks and prepare yourself for many pleasant comments.

Hairstyle with headband

Hailey knows how to channel 60s hairstyles. She wears a thick black headband that perfectly retracts her delicious blonde curls. Both the headband and the hair color make a great pair. Add a modern touch to retro styles and rewrite them. Hailey ended this cute look with statement earrings. However, this accessory is a wonderful detail to take your hair out of your face.

Hairstyle with headband

Hailey Baldwin’s Hairstyles: Half Ponytail

We’re absolutely in love with half the hairstyles that Hailey rocks. She finds the most amazing ways to show off her ultra-long strands and this half-half ponytail is what I’m talking about. She gave her curls some juicy waves and then fastened them in half a pony. It allows us to see both the color and the sound waves. Try this easy-to-use hairstyle.

Half ponytail

Bob hairstyle

This bob is one of Hailey’s best looks that you can rock on your date. 90’s wet look is back now. Be it long or short hair, you can apply a generous amount of hair gels and give your streaks a wet-looking effect. Some of you may think it’s hard to get, but you do not really need any special skills to achieve it. When it comes to this style, she did it.

Bob hairstyle

Hailey Baldwin’s Hairstyles: Updo

Hailey rocks downdos and high street sockets equally cool. Here is one of her updos that caught our attention. She pulled her hair up in a simple updo style and secured with hairpins. Note that the front is smooth and tidy while the back is a bit chaotic. It’s a headdress that’s available in minutes. While you get this style, make sure you have hairpins and a strong hairspray.

Bob hairstyle

Braided hairstyle

Hailey shook a distinctive braid that day. It’s a simple braid that anyone can recreate. The braid is ideal for medium hair. It’s not just the braid that gives her a flashy look, her eyebrows and make-up also go well with the subject. Use this style as inspiration for yourself and think about rocking it tomorrow.

braided hairstyle


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