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Tapered Bob Haircuts: Ombre Short Hair

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Simplicity and natural attraction is the key feature of the simple yet elegant Short Bob Hairstyle.

This is a neck-length straight hairstyle with a steep angle from back to front. The sides are tapered to give the face a soft look, and the length increases from the neck to a few inches below the chin. The funky hairstyle is a great option for professional women who need easy care but versatility in a hairstyle. Fine highlights give the hair more dimension.

Styling steps

  1. Smooth the hair and cut the layers on the side and back to add more volume to the hair.
  2. Boost the upper part to make the whole thing look stereo flather than flat and lifeless.
  3. Match some long pony to create the cool smooth hairstyle.

Tapered Bob Haarschnitte: Ombre kurzes Haar

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