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Sweetheart Braid Combo 2018

It’s the week of LOVE. If you are looking for a stylish heart hairstyle, you are in the right place. Wearing a heart hairstyle at this season is my favorite part of girls on vacation! Just fun … it’s the second favorite. Chocolate will always win. Today we share the Sweetheart Braid Combo.

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Difficulty: medium

Step by step instructions:

1. Divide the hair starting on the right front and go all the way diagonally to the opposite side (left) behind the ear.
2. Next, create the heart shape part line. As you can see in the picture above, start with the crown area and create a heart shape on the back of the head.
3. You should have three strands of hair at this point. Two at the front and your heart molding at the back / side. Secure your heart hair with a rubber band to keep out of the way for the moment. Secure a front area so that you do not get in the way for the time being.
4. Start at a front section. Take a small section of hair on the crown. Start with a French lace trim. This means that you only record new hair on one side. For this hairstyle you will pick up new hair from the front.
5. If you do not have any new hair available, continue with a regular three-strand braid to the bottom of the hair and attach it with a rubber band.
6. Repeat steps 4-5 on the other front of the hair.
7. Take the elastic material out of your heart area.
8. Take a small section above and start with a normal French braid. They weave in a diagonal direction, starting at the top left and bottom right in the heart shape.
9. When you have braided a few stitches, pull back one of your front braids and see if you can add it to your braid. In essence, you want to add the two front braids into your heart French braid when you reach the level they will lay flat.
10. Continue your French braid to the end of the hair. This is an option for this hairstyle.
11. A second option is as shown in the photos. Secure all the hair at the base of the heart or neck. 12. Twist hair into a knot and secure with hairpins.
13. Finish with hairspray {if desired}.


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