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Sweet hairstyles for long hair 2020

Looking for trendy hairstyles for your long hair? No need to go far, just scroll through our selection of Instagram and runway styles and get a fashionable hairstyle for yourself. Long hair is an excellent canvas for various downdos and updos. Long hairstyles will always be in the mainstream, so you do not have to chop off your locks for a stylish hairstyle. Some of these sweet hairstyles for long hair 2019 only take a few minutes to reach, although long hair is harder to handle than short hair.

Double rolls

You already know how popular double rolls are, but here we have something else to offer. This style has been stolen by catwalks and it is absolutely amazing. Compared to traditional bread rolls, these are pretty fat and messy. They are great to express your boldness and ferocity. Just make sure that they are combined with boldly accented eye makeup.

Sweet Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019: Side Parted Hairstyle

Since we have already managed to see hairstyles with lateral separation, is currently a big trend. They are particularly suitable for long hair. There are so many beautiful accessories that you can use to complement the side of your head. If you need some inspiration, look at this model and be inspired. You will love this idea.

Half high

The best thing about long hair is that you have many options for styling it. You can use your creativity for a better look. Look at this model, she wears a half-down style, which is achieved with a messy braid. Now you can take that look from catwalk to street. We just love this part braid doing this part ‘.

Sweet Hairstyles for Long Hair 2019: Twisted Ponytail

Today you want to do something else with your long hair? We have a suggestion for you. Style your hair into a ponytail and then shape a rope-like pony by turning the tail. I assure you that it is a simple style that you can get within three minutes. You can experiment with beautiful hair accessories as well as hair colors. Feel free to rock this pony casually as well as formally.

Crazy braids

These braids are crazy and cute. They are about texture and volume. Obviously, the following braids are modern retro styles. You need to tease the crown part for extra volume. It’s a bold hairstyle that will definitely highlight you in the crowd.

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