Long Hairstyles

Stylish curly hairstyles for long hair

Women with straight hair usually dream of curls and do their best to get beautiful curly hairstyles for different occasions. Curls make hair more attractive and attractive. They are stylish, feminine and very pretty. Especially for girls with long hair, we present curly hairstyle ideas that are just in the thing.

Long curls highlighted

Adding highlights to the long curly hairstyle is one of the newest ways to get an overwhelming hairstyle while attracting a lot of attention.

If you have not dyed your hair yet, do not start with highlights. Add caramel, pale blond, burgundy or warm chocolate highlights to your curly hair that will complement your complexion.

Romantic curly curls

Loose curls are very sophisticated and simple hairstyles for various events. You can also opt for it on casual days, and you will certainly look very girly. If you want, you can pull them aside or style them in an elegant half-down hairstyle.

Blonde curly hairstyle

Blonde, of course, is a bold color for curly hairstyles, as it highlights the healthy and shiny look of your hair. The trendy blond shades for curls are golden blonde, buttery blond, honey blond and dirty blonde. Choose the one that best suits your skin color and eye color.

Natural blonde curly hairstyle with dark roots

There is something very amazing about those dark roots combined with blond curls. I like the way these contrasting shades are reflected in curly hairstyles. If you like it too, you can combine light blond with brown, caramel or chocolate brown roots.

Thin boho waves

Perhaps the loosest curly hairstyle is bohemian inspired wavy hair. It is so engaging and challenging that many celebrities often choose it as a party hairstyle. Combined with leather or feather decorated headbands you get the best of the Bohemian style.

Copper hair color for curly hair

The shiny, stunning and eye-catching copper shade, whose brightest color is reminiscent of the natural reddish hair color, is a rich hair color for curly hairstyles. It seems so beautiful under the sun’s rays that it seems like you have a fire on your hair.

Jet Black hair color for Afro Curls

Deep black is the most brilliant color of all black hair colors. It can make your dark hair look healthier and brighter. Black women with natural curly hairstyles often choose jet black to emphasize the beauty of their luscious curls.

Low Curly sides ponytail

Thick hair is always ready to give you a seductive ponytail hairstyle instead of a simple pony. All you have to do is loosen up your curls and pull on a low ponytail to make a side tie. That’s it.

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