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Structured hairstyles for short hair

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This short hairstyle is provided with textures that make the hairstyle trendy and voluminous. The worked layers make the hairstyle full of refinement and style.

Some smooth textures below the ears give the hairdo an ideal oval silhouette. The lusciously diagonal thin hair shades make the shorthair hairstyle cooler and chicer. The back is also cut in a dull, slightly curved line that repeats the general theme of this look – round and curved with a sharp edge. The short straight hairstyle is very popular with people who like geometric shapes.

Styling steps

  • Cut the hair gently in sections.
  • Just cut long layers over the edges to soften and soften the hairstyle. Cut the hair around the ears.
  • Slap a slightly blunt side that bangs subtly over the forehead to make the entire style look soft and tender.

Strukturierte Frisuren für kurzes Haar

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