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Striking hairstyles to cover the big forehead

Women with broad foreheads are looking for hairstyles that cover the width and visually reduce the size. In fact, there are so many hairstyles that you can try to get a stylish look. magischen Frisuren für große Stirn sehen . Regardless of whether you prefer braids, updos or downdos, you need to see these magical hairstyles for big foreheads .

Get your favorite look and use it for your own benefit. Think from now on of changes that will breathe new life into your style.

Middle part layered bread roll

Those with a diamond face and a broad forehead should have their hair cut in several layers. The strands are pulled up in a striking updo on the back and framed with layers of facial layers. The layers make forehead and cheeks smaller. In addition to making your style immaculate, the tuft in the middle creates a bobby look. You can even rock it formally.

Side Swept Straight Pony

If you are a type of person who loves diversity in styles, then you should consider doing something with your pony. Pony is the easiest way to update your look. You can change your look every day. Just throw all your strands into a simple bun and couple with straight cut bangs. Since the pony is quite short, he does not fall in your eyes.

Curly Bob and Straight Pony

If you’re still obsessed with vintage hairstyles, you can not go wrong with this bob hairstyle. It has a straight pony camouflaging the wide forehead. The curly bob on the back creates a cheeky hairstyle. It is a preferred hairstyle for women with a small square face and a long forehead. Those with natural curls can skip the styling, but the pony has to stay straight.

Voluminous loose waves

It is not always necessary to go for elaborate haircuts to create a striking hairstyle for your big forehead. The hair is styled in large, springy curls and divided at the side. The headdress is perfect for women with a wide forehead. When it comes to these curls, you need to use hair tools, fine tooth comb and some hair products to keep your curls in place.

Fishtail braid Front

Do not allow your wide forehead to let go of incredible Bohemian inspired hairstyles. We suggest you choose a trendy, trendy fishtail braid that will cross your forehead and create a headband-like look. Leave the rest of your locks and go for floral accessories to enhance your naughty hairstyle. Get it yourself and make a fashion statement.

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