2020 Hairstyles

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors for 2020

Light strawberry Blonde hair color

Strawberry blonde’s bright tones are very subtle and they basically work with light skin tones and bright green eyes. This combination creates a beautiful result that looks so beautiful. Bright strawberry blonde is actually a sun kissed hair color.

Pastel Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Since pastel hair colors are trendy, you can choose a neutral pastel strawberry blond for your hair. It’s closer to peach hair colors that have both blonde and peach colors. If you want a more intriguing effect, you can add some light and dark strawberry highlights to your reddish blonde hair.

Reddish strawberry Blonde hair color

This is almost red in its warm and fiery effect. If you want a distinctive hair color to stand out from the crowd, you can choose this reddish, strawberry blonde hair color.

Two-tone strawberry blond hair color

Rich effect can offer you the mix of two strawberry blonde shades. They take dark and light strawberry blonde hair colors and create a balanced two-tone effect on your long hair. The result is very noticeable on waves.

Dark strawberry Blonde hair color

For those who want to experiment with darker shades of strawberry blond that go with both green and blue eyes, I offer this dark strawberry blonde. It works with light tones as well as medium skin tones.

Strawberry Blonde hair color with green eyes

The best match for strawberry blonde hair color is green eye color. It is very harmonious and beautiful. On the other hand, if you combine this hair color with green eyes, you will have a natural-looking effect. It seems like you have natural light red or reddish hair color.

Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

Do you like the trendy ombre style? Try to get a pretty ombre style on your long hair by strawberry blonde shades. You get a warm effect on your crown part and a cooler result on the tips. Just do it in 2019 to feel the attractiveness of the strawberry blonde hair color.

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