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Straight Bob Hairstyles: Blonde Short Hair

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Bob haircuts have been around for a while and come in many versions. This shoulder length bob appears light with its horizontal layering on the top head. This length, which is just a little over an inch below the chin line, does not touch the shoulders and lets the hair swing freely.

These layers are incorporated by cutting in the blunt end length. The hair is crowned with a fine pale blond golden strand in the pony. This hairstyle can be an ideal option for people looking for a simple but cool hairstyle for this season.

Styling steps

  1. Straighten all hair and style extra smooth.
  2. Make a small curve inward and at the top of the front.
  3. Style a side piece to enhance the gorgeous and charming mid-length hairstyle.

Straight Bob Frisuren: Blonde kurze Haare

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