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Stacked Fishtail Updo 2020

Updos are used for so many occasions, from everyday to fancy parties, prom, weddings, etc. Today we share this beautiful high-rise updo, which would be perfect for a nice prom option. It is perfect for medium or long hair.

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, hairpins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 10-15 minutes

Difficulty: medium

Step by step instructions:

1. Start by sharing your hair on one side.
2. On the heavy side, take a small section from the front and clip it out of the way.
3. Take another small section of hair directly under the first section and divide it into two parts.
4. Take a small section from the outside of the upper part and cross under it and add it to the lower part.
5. Take a small section from the outside of the lower part and cross below and add the top piece.
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 just this time, take a new little piece of hair and attach it to the piece you cross under it.
7. Repeat this process to create a Dutch fishtail.
8. After a few stitches go back and pancake the outer edges of your braid.
9. Once your braid reaches your ear, stop adding new hair and continue a normal fishtail for a few extra stitches.
10. Secure your braid with a small rubber band.
11. Go back and take the first part of the hair you cut off.
12. Divide into 3 equal parts and add a regular 3-strand braid all the way down.
13. Secure your braid with a small rubber band.
14. Go back and gently stretch your braid. You do not want it super tight.
15. Bring your remaining hair and add your fishtail braid to create a side ponytail. Secure with a normal rubber band.
16. Remove the rubber band from the bottom of your fishtail. Go back and adjust your fishtail, if necessary.
17. Take your 3-strand braid and place it in the middle of your fishtail braid and pin it down.
18. Attach the braid to your ponytail with a small rubber band.
19. Remove the extra rubber band at the end of your braid.
20. Take another small rubber band around your ponytail and pull your hair through until you have a small loop.
21. Lift the upper part of the loop, pull it outward and secure it with a hair clip. (They pull away from the braided side)
22. Take a section just below the top section you just attached. Pull in the opposite direction (towards your braid) and attach with hairpins.
23. Now take the bottom part of the loop and peel off your braid and attach it with bobby pins.
If necessary, adjust the parts with bobby pins.
24. Pick up your remaining hair and split it into two pieces. Twist the first piece and wrap it around your bun. (pull the edges of your twist to loosen it before pinching)
25. Secure your twist with bobby pins.
26. Repeat steps 25 and 26, wrapping the remaining hair in the opposite direction to the first.
27. Done with hairspray. {if desired}

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