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Stacked Bob Hairstyles for 2020

Stacked Bob is one of the trendiest haircuts of the season and no wonder that women of different ages prefer a sophisticated hair harvest. A bold and fearless Stacked Bob is for women who never shy. The advantage of Stacked Bob is that it is a very versatile haircut and it can be suitable for any face shape. Regardless of the styling, you can rock a stacked bob in different settings. If you are looking for a memorable and dramatic hairstyle makeover, check out these amazing stacked bob hairstyles for 2019.

stacked bob hairstyles

Bob with long sides pony

Looking for a voluminous bob? Consider this stacked bob with extra volume and long side swept pony. Hold the pony as long as the remaining strands – neither short nor long. When it comes to volume, you can add a few layers, tease and then blow dry. You have to give your inflatables a round shape and then finish with a strong hold hairspray. Then enjoy your incredible Stacked Bob!

stacked bob

Enchanting long Pixie Bob

This glamorous Pixie Bob is for those who are looking for a way to stand out in the crowd. It is a definition of boldness, ferocity and femininity. It is an excellent hairstyle to switch from one look to another. This pixie bob features long bangs and a chic blonde hair color that makes things a little bit higher. When styling, you can just put your tresses behind your ear and your glam look is immediately impressive.

Pixie Bob

Choppy stacked bob

Chop your tresses all the way up for an amazing hairstyle like this one. This bob is full of confidence and attitude. It is a suitable hairstyle for women with different face shapes. You can style your bob with a chaotic touch for a boho vibe. I assure you, this plant will strengthen your self-confidence and give you pleasant feelings. In fact, it can also be an option.

choppy bob

Long stacked bob

Undoubtedly, a long-stacked bob is very catchy. It is also known as praise. Be that praise or Bob, this harvest is incredible. To preserve the style, you should straighten your strands. It brings out the shape and beauty of your haircut. If you plan to get this look, make sure to cut it in a trendy stacked bob for a better look. You will not regret it!

long stacked bob

Feathery Stacked Bob

If you want to give your hair a dynamic touch, choose a feathery look. This tasteful and adorable hairstyle is cool for women over 40. It tends to take a few years off your face. No doubt, you should include this haircut in your list of “must try” haircuts.

feathery stacked bob


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