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SS Best Hairstyle Ideas by LFW 2020

London Fashion Week is already over. All you have to do is look for the best looks from fashion shows and personalize them for your own taste. Since these shows are not just about clothes and shoes, you may also find the best hairstyles and colors. If you have big hair with lots of texture, we recommend that you hug it. Regardless of your hair length, you have countless styling options. When styling your curls, do not forget the chic accessories such as clips, beads, bows and headbands. Continue reading to find SS best hairstyle ideas from LFW 2019.

Cornrow hairstyle

Cornrow braids are so popular nowadays. They were also seen in London Fashion Weeks. Models looked great with cornrows. One of the best looks is shown below. These mini braids are on fine hair and they look absolutely fantastic. These braids are great for keeping your hair out of your face. However, you will need some braiding skills.

Shaggy haircut with pony

Shaggy hairstyles are back in style and we love them. Shags can be achieved on any hair length, including short, medium and long. To get this shaggy effect, you need to add many levels to your tresses. If you want to rake your haircut a little higher, opt for pony. This pony will complement your face while creating a face.

Curly Pixie

No hair looks are so popular nowadays. Women like to wear short hair because of lower maintenance. This black skin model wears a curly goblin that does not require any special styling. Because African American women are blessed with this texture, they can skip hair styling tools and products. The following wonderful hairstyle is for those who have flawless face shape.

Medium striped hair

If you have thin hair, think of hairstyles that will improve your volume and texture. The following hairstyle involves the creation of a simple center parting and give your strands disorder. Note that this model has a wide forehead and the style still looks good. It is an excellent casual hairstyle for women with different textures and hair lengths.

Textured hairstyle

This chic headdress was discovered at Marques’ Almeida. Model rocks voluminous curls that give her fairy looks. She leaves an impression as if she appeared on the catwalk from the other planet. Well, if you want to achieve that unique look, but you do not have enough hair, you can think about hair extensions.

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