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Simple knot updo

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Einfache Knoten Hochsteckfrisur
Simple Knot Updo (This Updo Video) / Sideways Finished

The top of the charming and gorgeous hairstyle is tied back, while the top is raised very high and brought to maximum size. Updating updo is easy and will suit any special occasion.

Styling steps

  • Spray the top and sides evenly with mist gel.
  • Gel spray can be well preserved and does not appear wet or weigh the hair.
  • Tilt your head upside down and take the diffuser to the ends. Move the diffuser circularly to the scalp.
  • Divide the hair into three parts.
  • Style the golden blond mane in a stunning and graceful bun style and pin it to the crown, making it ideal for women looking for a formal updo to complement a round face.

Length : long
Type : updos
Hair color : blonde; brown

Einfache Knoten Hochsteckfrisur


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