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Side Braided Hairstyle Tutorial: ZigZag Braid Designs

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Side Braided Hairstyle Tutorial: Zickzack Braid Designs
Side Braided Hairstyle Tutorial: Zigzag Braid Designs / About

This is a stunning Zig Zag Braid that looks polished and romantic for day and night. The gorgeous braids can add more fun, fabulous and twist factors to the long hairstyle. You can also opt for a delightful side zig zag braid and pair it with a cute headband or flower. The lush, breathtaking plait is of minimal styling power and works wonderfully on straight and wavy hair structures.
Divide your hair into three parts.
Create the top half of the separate section in French braid.
When you get to the other side of your head, pull the bottom half of the strands into your French braid.
Tie the braid with elastic.
Apply a little hairspray

Side Braided Hairstyle Tutorial: Zickzack Braid Designs


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