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Short shaggy hairstyles for thick hair

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Serrated layers throughout the style promote the polished, medium, straight cut and shaggy. Just cut long layers over the edges to soften and soften the style. The slim cut looks great and cool.

The textured straight hairstyle is a great option for the informal events and can flatter many face shapes. The fabulous smooth middle hairstyle in many layers looks charming. It’s pretty easy to create and maintain that gorgeous style.

Styling steps

  1. Straighten your hair with a straightener, starting with the roots, and work your comb down as a guide at the ends. Gel spray can be well preserved and does not appear wet or weigh the hair.
  2. Tilt your head upside down and take the diffuser to the ends. Move the diffuser circularly to the scalp. Cut layers to the top and round off the sides to form this gorgeous shape that fits perfectly for people who want to be energized.
  3. Create a side piece to combine the smooth and stunning style.

Kurze Shaggy Frisuren für dickes Haar

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