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Short red hairstyles, straight cut

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Different layers and facial frames make the whole short hairstyle extra and lush. The technical roundness also adds some cool factors to the hairstyle. The front layers are kept longer and thinner and just caress the cheeks.

The decent long pony draws the attention of the people to the big eyes and connects the magnificent layers very much. The chic reds give the hairstyle a seductive effect. One side of the face is obscured by the long, side-swept pony, which creates a smooth curve and gives the whole thing a secret. The back is cut in a dull, slightly curved line that repeats the general theme of the look – rounded around and with a sharp edge.

Styling steps

  • Cut the hair in sections and create layers to give the look a lot of style and charm.
  • Cut the hair in the back of your head slightly shorter than the front and side.
  • Comb the front hair forward and then create some neat long bangs to improve the eyes.

Kurze rote Frisuren, gerader Schnitt

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