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Short red hair: Punk hairstyles

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The short punk hairstyles can charmingly frame the pine line and show the jagged cut layers on all sides and back, enhancing the shape to the simple length.

The front layers perfectly contour the face and the serrated polished pony completes the style perfectly. This punk hairstyle can be an ideal option for brave people looking for special and personal statements. The Short Locks Hairstyle is easy to recreate and needs a little product to keep it and shine.

Styling steps

  • Cut layers to the top and round off the sides to form this gorgeous shape that fits perfectly for people who want to be energized.
  • Comb the middle hair upwards to add more wow factor and ideally enhance the look. Cut the hair short on both sides near the head to create more wow factors.
  • Use a hue for a special effect. Apply a little hairspray to keep it clean and shiny.

Kurze rote Haare: Punk Frisuren

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