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Short messy hairstyles: black hair

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The back of the wonderful stunning hairstyle is rejuvenated at the nape of the neck, with layers cut all the way up and around the sides that make up the excellent look.

The short side swept haircut is perfect for special occasions. The short brilliant style is easy to recreate.

Styling steps

  • Cut the hair off the side and make the back shorter than the one. Start by dividing your hair on your preferred side and picking out a two-inch-wide piece of hair in the front.
  • Create a page swept pony to pair the style. Apply a little wax to your fingertips, then pull through your bangs and sweep your hair to the left. Pinching the hair ends can help to get soft texture.
  • Lastly, spray some hairspray to keep it clean and shine longer.

Kurze unordentliche Frisuren: Schwarzes Haar

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