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Short messy hairstyle for women: Easy Haircuts

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This voluminous short hairstyle works very well on people with thin hair coloring, as ruffles and curls can look much fluffier. It gives an ideal transition from straight hair to curly hair.

The front smooth hairs with different layers add a lot of volume and the crunchy hair on the sides makes the hair messy and full of textures. Some side whipping bangs couple the short curly hairstyle very much. The ultra trendy hairstyle can be outstanding for many special occasions.

Styling steps

  • Curl your upper hair with a curling iron into curly curls and wavy waves and cut the hair near the head shorter.
  • Create some pages to add more feminine factors.
  • Once all curls are curled and textured, scribble with fingers and mist with a light spray to keep the waves going.

Kurze unordentliche Frisur für Frauen: Easy Haircuts

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