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Short layered wavy hair: cute hairstyles

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Balanced layers and soft waves with only fine texture increase the volume and give people a sweet, romantic and feminine look and feel.

The middle hairstyle can greatly improve the chin bone. The hair is thin and disheveled for a trendy chaotic effect and brings some shine to the summer. The golden hair has lighter and darker sections that create even more dimension and a little extra movement for the whole look as proper highlights can illuminate the rest of the hair.

Styling steps

  1. Make some curly curls, which are turned with a curling iron into the middle hair.
  2. Create textures to ensure lightness and lightness. To increase the overall enlightenment and add more energy to the look, add some subtle highlights to the naturally blonde hair in a brilliant light blonde color.
  3. Make a smooth, straight part to expose the entire forehead.

Kurz geschichtet welliges Haar: süße Frisuren

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