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Short Hair Color Ideas: Girl Hairstyles Trends

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The super hairstyle is characterized by its multi-colored hair color, which has dramatically contrasting colors: green, yellow and red occupy different parts of the hair. One color is under the other color and peeks through the top curls.

The back of the wonderful sweet hairstyle is tapered at the nape of the neck, with layers cut all the way up and around the sides. The different layers can add style and shape to the whole style. The sideways curved bangs are smeared on the forehead to contour the top of the face and to excellently enhance the hairstyle. The adorable hairstyle is ideal for informal events.

Styling steps

  • Start by dividing your hair on your preferred side and picking out a two-inch-wide piece of hair in the front.
  • Cut the hair in sections and create layers to give the look a lot of style and charm. To achieve the ideal effect, bind two pieces of hair along the back of the back of the head and separate the two parts separately.
  • For horizontal stripes or stripes, you can chain horizontal strips of hair so as not to stain them.
  • Create a side swept pony on the forehead for a little extra niceiness and pair the nicey razor hairstyle.

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