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Short cut hairstyle: Messy Haircuts

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The short cut short hairstyle is very versatile and ideal for women with a rectangular face. The Pixie cut looks very pretty and dainty.

The hairstyle can give your hair more volume at the top. Turning the front part into pony will be pretty fun and fabulous. Long curved side fringes or short, blunt fringes are a perfect match for the cut.

Styling steps

  • Cut your hair so that there are short layers at the top and sides. Create the longest layers just to improve the cheek on the sides.
  • Cut the hair near the head into rounded edges to create a delicate and feminine style.
  • Cut your back and side hair into short pieces and hold the hair on the crown a little longer. Confuse the short hair with your fingers to gain volume and shape.
  • Add a red highlight to emphasize the special short hair.

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