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Short asymmetrical haircuts: straight hair

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This is an asymmetrical cool hairstyle. One said, is cut short and near the head through the back and sides. The other has long layers cut around the sides and back to improve the polished jump and movement allowing style and volume, and it is great for people with fine to medium hair.

The disheveled layers can make the whole look more charming and seductive. The overwhelming shoulder-length cut with swept-back pony over the forehead can be great for gaining much admiration. The layered style can give you a romantic and charming look and feel.

Styling steps

  1. Tilt your head upside down and take the diffuser to the ends. Move the diffuser circularly to the scalp.
  2. Trim one side near the head and leave the other one longer.
  3. Create side swept pony to combine the gorgeous style.

Kurze asymmetrische Haarschnitte: glattes Haar

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