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Rose Gold Hair Colors 2020

If you have decided to jump on the pastel train, you are in the right place at the right time. Pastels are delicious and sweet as always, but today we talk about an ultra-feminine and subtle hair color like rose gold. Rose gold is a popular choice among celebrities.

Many of them have been spotted rocking this hair color. Ros├ęgold-Haarfarben 2019 sehen. If you want to close your footsteps, you will need to see these top rose gold hair colors 2019.

Get ready for a great commitment and many color treatments. However, blondes will reach the shadow much easier than brunettes.

Washed rose gold

They feel a bit brave and want to try something more bold and feminine. Then this washed out sound is a great option for you. You have to commit to it because it has to whiten the entire head and it’s not easy to get the shade. Ask your hairdresser about shampoos and color treatments. Keep in mind that aggressive chemicals can be harmful.

Rose gold colors

If you want something more natural than pastel colors, consider using that shade with slightly darker roots. This rose gold is spiced up with golden and pastel pink shades. The combination offers a maroon rose tone. The colors provide additional dimension throughout the hair and complement a variety of skin tones. Notice that the curls give new life to these shades. It can also be a good option for you.

Peachy Rose Gold: hair colors 2019

Would you like to make your rose gold shadow super effortless? Keep the roots natural and go for beach waves. Darker roots reduce maintenance and rose gold tips rise. It is important to choose the right make-up to accentuate the shadow. You still need to use color treatments and colored hair shampoos to keep your hair healthy.

Rose Gold Ombre: hair colors 2019

Those who think that brunettes can not rock pastels need to change their minds. Look at this model that rocks a rose gold ombre. Of course, the roots are retained while the middle part and tips are bleached for a rose gold ombre. If you do not have sharp lines, ask your hairdresser to pair the shades with proper highlights.

Warm rose gold

It takes some courage to go for this pink hair color, and it is required to turn heads. Note that this hair color needs to mix some reds for a more impressive look. Show this image of your hair color and ask for the same style. Keep your hair wavy to get the sounds through.

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