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Red carpet inspired hairstyles

Red Carpet hairstyles are chic and sophisticated. If you’ve always dreamed of rocking one of the most distinctive hairstyles, make your dreams come true. Red Carpet hairstyles have a sophisticated look, but in reality, almost anyone can achieve them. If you do not believe, check out these inspirational images and adopt the most iconic hairstyle for yourself.

Textured curls and purple highlights

In fact, these sophisticated purple highlights are more than enough to up your raven-black curls. It’s a typical red carpet hairstyle that has textured curls and a chic hair color full of highlights. But do not stop, continue with a simple side vertex and draw attention to your sweet facial features. In fact, it is a hairstyle that can be turned from the runway into the street. Try it out.


Countless celebrities have been spotted on red rugs rocking various types of braided hairstyles. No doubt, braids are adorable. They offer both a casual and a formal look. Regardless of whether your braid is chaotic or polished, you can rock it on the red carpet. The best proof of my words is displayed below. Super long hair and messy fishtail go hand in hand if done right.

Messy vortex

Updos are always up to date on red carpet inspired hairstyles. Here is a unique approach to traditional updos. It is a rose bun, which is achieved by braiding the hair, folding and securing with the help of hairpins. The updo is extremely chaotic and gives the style a very nice touch. It is not as complicated as you might think.

Slicked back hairstyle

There is not a single red carpet event without back-sprayed hairstyles. It’s no secret that these hairstyles are back and you can rock them everywhere. When creating the style, make sure that the bottom section is straight and dull. However, you also need to use a generous amount of hair products to create a flashy back-covered hairstyle.

French twist updo

French twist is the most feminine hairstyle every woman needs to try. It’s a simple hairstyle that can be achieved within minutes. This is all about hair products and hairpins. Create your twist with a little bouffant on the crown part. If you have long bangs, just hug them. The French twist is just a good option for formal settings.

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