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Pretty ponytails for rotten gals

Every night, you promise yourself that you wake up early in the morning and make your hair in beautiful waves. But the hardest thing is to wake you up early in the morning. Being lazy does not mean looking sloppy – try one of those pretty ponytail hairstyles and no one will suspect that you have not been able to wash your hair for two or three days.

Ponytail hairstyles

Keep in mind that these amazing hairstyles are super easy and super effortless. Anyone can get a ponytail including ladies with short to medium hair. Scroll down to find out more!

Rapunzel twisted ponytail

There is nothing more conspicuous than a Rapunzel ponytail. This pony is seriously attention-grabbing. It is a rope braid that is achieved by twisting the strands. In fact, this length seems unreal, but you can achieve it by using extensions. I assure you, this rope ponytail will look good even on medium hair. Just try it for a unique look. Be sure to rock this pony with statement earrings.

Pigtail ponytail

Beach waves and ponytail

Low ponytail never sounds outdated, if you only know how to rock it. One of the best versions is shown below. This wavy ponytail is chic and gorgeous. Luckily, it’s also easy to get. Add some sea salt spray to bring out that sea feel. Salt spray is the best way to reach beach waves. Then you have to pull your hair back in a simple ponytail. Bangs are plus for this look.

Beach waves and ponytail

Stacked hair ties

This retro inspired ponytail goes nowhere. A handful of hair elastic holds up the hair. In fact, it is a wonderful ‘do that it is good to rock if you have natural thick hair. This chic accessory not only keeps the pony in place, but also gives it a sporty feel. This is the best solution for those who do not want to be bothered by irritating streaks. Just make sure your tail is structured and messy.


Braided ponytail

Braids are consistently braided ponytails everywhere. Lichen up your hair and then turn it into a high ponytail. I assure you, it is a simple hairstyle to get. If you have strands of hair in your strands, that’s plus. However, you can also use extensions. You can use colorful hair extensions for a highlighted look.

braided ponytail

Super high ponytail

If you want to look at a Barbie doll, consider creating this high ponytail. It looks good on medium hair too. All you have to do is pull up your hair and secure in a high ponytail like design. Wrap part of your strand on the base of pony.

high ponytail


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