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Pink short hairstyles

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The short Pixie haircut with a small pony is smooth and supple. The stunning and sleek hairstyle is great for people who are looking for a compelling and cool hairstyle that simply adorns with the product and is easy to care for with regular trim. The different layers make the whole style seem voluminous and full of life. The chic hairstyle looks cool and stunning, so you can earn many admiring glances.
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Suit Face Shape : Round, Oval, Heart and Triangular

Fitness Hair Density : Medium / Thick

Pink hairstyles styling tip

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Create great layers to add texture and shape to the overall look. Leave the top area relatively smooth and straight and create layers. The fullness of the style is approximately at ear level.

Create a piece of bangs to combine the smooth hairstyle. Apply a little wax on your fingertips and then pull through your pony. Apply a little hairspray to keep it shiny and clean. Regular trimming can help to avoid the split ends and keep it stylish.

How to get hair like pink

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1. Apply a little form cream on your fingertips and then brush them down through the hair tips for a textured style.

2. Apply a little gel on your fingertips and then rub the hair ends down to get a sculptural style.

3. Apply a little wax to your palms, beginning with your upper back, pulling your hands forward and straightening your hair. Use more wax to get a moister look.

4. Apply some form cream on your fingertips, then gently bend through your bangs and sweep your hair to the right. Try not to use the cream too much as it may become sticky.

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