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Whether you are looking for a nice hairstyle for the last day of school or for a light hairstyle for the summer, you need to try this model! This will let everyone talk about your sweet hair!

This simple DIY hairstyle is a combination of lace braids and a pull-thru braid. To see your own photo replicas of this style that are included in our app, you can share your photos on IG with #CGHLaceHalfUp

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, hairpins, hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Step by step instructions:

1. Begin by picking up a section of hair on one side of your part and dividing it into three parts.
Take the top piece and cross it in the middle, then the bottom piece in the middle.
2. Take the top piece and go to the middle. Take a new piece of hair this time and add it before you come in the middle.
3. Take the lower piece and cross it in the middle. You do not add new hair to the bottom of the hair, just the top. This technique makes this a lace braid.
4. Continue weaving until you reach your head and then drive all the way down with a normal three-stranded hair.
5. Go back and braid your braid by pulling on the edges to add volume. Temporarily secure your braid with a hair clip or a small rubber band.
6. Repeat steps 1-6 on the other side of your head.
7. Now secure both braids at the back of the head with a small elastic band.
8. Release your temporary needle or elastic.
9. Next, take a strand of hair on each side of your braid. Bring her up and secure her with a small rubber band on top of your braid.
10. Back off and gently pull on the edges of the parts of your new ponytail to create volume.
11. Repeat steps 10-11
12. Finish with hairspray {if desired}.

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