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Nicola Roberts Hairstyles

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The gorgeous hairdo sits charmingly to emphasize the face with large barrel curls to give the hairstyle a lot of movement and shape. The soft waves on the front and sides can promote the great momentum and movement of long, nicey and soft waves to convey the simple yet beautiful hairstyle shape and charm.

Nicola Roberts Frisuren

The blond mane in disheveled waves can bring you many head-turns. The soft short curly hairstyle can easily be emulated with hot rollers or a curling iron. The short curly style can give the ultimate soft touch. The fabulous hairstyle is the ideal choice for women with thin hair as the springy curl can add a lot of volume and shape.

Fitness face shape : oval, oblong, square and diamond

Fitness Hair Density: Medium / Thick

Nicola Roberts hairstyles styling tip

Use a diffuser in damp hair to activate any natural wave. Next, lure random sections with a large barreled curling iron.

Create full head curls. Section by section. Keep the length around the ear to make the whole style more charming and graceful. Finally, just trample and spray with a light-stop hair spray to keep the subtle waves springy and voluminous.

How to get hair like Nicola Roberts

Step 1. Put some styling mousse on your palm and spread it evenly over damp hair. The mousse can help to make it look better and look better.

Step 2. Blow your hair dry with your fingers as a helper. Operate the hair dryer at low speed to store some moisture.

Step 3. Apply a little gel wax to your fingertips and stuff and then pinch the hair ends together slightly.

Step 4. Apply a little smoothing shine and then rub it over the middle lengths and hair ends. Try not to add any to the hair roots or too much as smooth shine can complain and make it oily.

Step 5. Apply a little hairspray to make it look good.

Nicola Roberts Frisuren

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