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New York Street Style: Best Hairstyles 2020

During the fashion months, New York’s streets are flooded with fashion gurus, trendsetters, models, and ordinary people who are eager to be part of this great celebration. Badass bobs, natural curls and incredible ponytails can be seen everywhere.

But we’ve put together some incredible hairstyles directly from New York’s streets. This city is one of the most popular fashion centers that welcome popular designers from around the world. Regardless of your preferences and views, you’ll find great looks to inspire.

Lazy day hairstyle

Caps and berets are in mainstream especially in autumn. They are great for hiding your unwashed hair. These accessories are also a fabulous option for lazy girls who are done with regular styling. Well, below we have a hairstyle that’s great to pair with hats. Pull your hair back into a ponytail and then tighten the cap. I assure you, it’s a three-minute style you can get now.

Curly hair

Curls of different shapes and sides are completely within reach. Everyone can rock their hair. Thanks to modern techniques, different types of curls are affordable. Afro curls are super cute, even though they are loosely collected in a half to half back style. Some curls hanging around the forehead make the headdress even more flattering. In fact, it’s an effortless hairstyle, but that’s what fashionistas like to wear.

Ponytail with tendrils

Tendrils are so in. Each hairstyle paired with face framing tendrils looks great. You can always pull a few strands out of your hairstyle and create a flattering hairstyle. In fact, tendrils are the best way to take your headdress one step higher. You can either go with thick or thin tendrils, the look will be equally cool. You do not believe? Try it yourself!

Hairstyles with bangs

Bangs are always in the mainstream, because they are always provided with a stunning hairstyle. Not only do they tend to camouflage the flaws, they also add a sophisticated touch to simple hairstyles. You do not need a big commitment for a quick change. Just add a pony to your hairstyle and you’ll have a whole new look.

Tied back ponytail

Ponytails develop day by day, but simple styles never stop being popular with women. Take a look at this adorable yet effortless pony. Literally anyone can create a comb-back pony like this one. All you have to do is comb your hair back and secure it in a low pony on the back of your head.

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