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Most popular curly hairstyles

Curly hairstyles are often considered a curse for women with natural curly hair . But that does not have to be that way, because there are many ways to shape it and be really attractive. In this article we present some of the finest examples that curly hair is indeed a blessing.

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Curly hairstyles represent beautiful textures that are currently in fashion this season. The secret is how to style your hair to look good. For example, if you have very curly hair, then you should style them with hot tools to achieve the shapes you desire, or to define those that you already have; The hot tools are also good for straight hair if you want to loosen it up.

Curly Hairstyles Tips

First and foremost, you have to get the right haircut. Curly hair needs more attention, so be sure to go to a professional hairdresser who specializes in cutting that kind of hair. A proper cut can help you better manage your curly hair.

After you’ve got the right cut, there’s something else you need to know, something all those curly hairstyles have in common: you need to touch and mess up your hair as little as possible, so if you dried it after washing use it Use a good hairbrush or comb to unravel the tangled hair and then the air dryer. Turn your head forward and apply a professional hairstyling product of your choice; Then you tilt it up again.

Beliebteste lockige Frisuren

Another option is to use a diffuser, but you have to resist the temptation of keeping your fingers in your hair, the diffuser must be the only thing that touches your hair, otherwise you risk curling it. When you have finished drying it, you must also stylize it with a professional hair product.

In order to control the strange curls, which seem to stay in different directions, and not to fix them with styling products, there is another solution: The bobby pins are strategically placed to reduce the volume of certain curls. If you are unfamiliar with bobby pins, you can use other hair accessories such as clips, a headband or a hair clip.

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Take a look at our ideas of curly hairstyles and choose the ones you prefer to try them out:

• With a medium length hairstyle, all kinds of curls look best, as they do not get too strong.

• You can also pony with curly hairstyles, if the fringes are lightly textured, without pin straight, for a consistent look – you’ll look surprisingly cool.

• Female side rolls are some extremely romantic curly hairstyles that you should try. They are simple, and although your hair is collected, your curls are still being observed. They are also perfect for windy days.

• A shoulder-length bob with full and wild, springy corkscrew curls is another perfect choice.

• Curly Bobs are very interesting and give you a unique touch and can be adapted to any situation or event.

• Even if you have pixie cuts, they can also be turned into curly hairstyles. They also go very well with pony, blunt fridges.

Beliebteste lockige Frisuren  Beliebteste lockige Frisuren  Beliebteste lockige Frisuren  Beliebteste lockige Frisuren
Beliebteste lockige Frisuren
Beliebteste lockige Frisuren  Beliebteste lockige Frisuren  Beliebteste lockige Frisuren

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