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Modern pompadour hairstyles for men in 2020

Men’s pomp hairstyle never goes out of fashion. There are many reasons why pompadours are so popular with men. Men can accept countless pompadour hairstyles for themselves and rock. Pompadours are easy to style and they can be worn casual as well as formal.

Modern version of Pomp looks pretty cool with Taper Fade. Continue reading to see some modern Pompadour hairstyles for men in 2019 . You can get any of these styles regardless of your texture and face shape.

Classic pompadour and beard

The pompadours of the 50s and 60s are back in fashion. A classic pomp paired with a well-groomed beard looks just as good today as it did many years ago. In fact, you will need a little styling skills to achieve the look. While you get this pompadour, consider using your hair dryer. Complete the look with a strong hair spray to keep your pomp all day long.

High Fade Pomp

Any type of fade including low, medium and high, looks good when paired with a pompadour haircut. The short sides not only create a certain contrast, but also emphasize the height on the head. You can combine this pomp with full-grown whiskers to give it a more masculine touch. With a chic hairstyle like this you will never be wrong.

Fat pompadour

Ready to go brave? Well, try the following pomp. It requires the sides to be shaved and the top left long enough to shape it in different ways. The following pomp gives some waves for natural texture and extra volume at the top. If you do not have this texture, you will need to use hair products and tools to copy that look. Take off the style and make a bold statement!

Silver pompadour

We recently discovered guys pulling the most daring hair colors and girls. Look at this model. He rocks silver pompadour, which is ridiculously great. This shade contributes to the attraction of a pomp. Although you need to bleach your hair to get that color, it’s just amazing to rock everywhere. Get the pomp and stand out in the crowd.

Purple pompadour with fading

Here’s an unexpected solution for all the cool guys out there. This fresh pomp comes from oversized texture, bold purple hair color and burst fade after. Edgy Purple Shadow takes things a little higher. However, those who think that Lila is a girlish hair color should take an example of this model. He proves that Lila can also be shaken by men.

Messy Pompadour

Messy Pompadours are good to wear in your everyday life. Messy Pomp is easy to style and does not take much time to achieve. They are perfect for men of all ages, including teens. Swipe your strands and get a chic pompadour style. However, it is not necessary to use hair products for this overwhelming style.

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