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Messy, Short Layered Hairstyles: Ombre Hairstyles

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Soft and seductive is the cute shaved, layered, chaotic, ombre hairstyle. The excellent large curls flatter the charming face shape and the long, cut over the edges layers refine the jump.

This sweet and charming multi-layered, messy hairstyle has soft waves that are added across the top to the ends to bring the style movement and shape and be teased on the hair roots to create the peak height and buoyancy. The dizzying look is very easy to recreate.

As for straight hair, wrap a section of hair around your index finger and curl it tightly up to your scalp around your finger. Let go of it and repeat the steps four and five times over all hair. Take the iron upright to make soft curls and add volume. Cut the hair over the ear. Crate short neat heavy pony to pair the gorgeous style.

Length : short
Type : Messy; layers; Blunt pony
Hair color : Ombre hair

Chaotisch, kurz geschichteten Frisuren: Ombre Frisuren

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