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Mermaid Fishtail Hack 2020

The full summer is here! It makes me think of mermaids and mermaid hair. Jordan is back to share a simple faux mermaid braid. This is perfect for beginner braiders to impress all your friends and family!

Required items: brush, rat tail comb, spray bottle, hair ties, hairspray {if desired}.

Time required: 3-5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Step by step instructions:

1. Pick up a large section of hair on top of your head. Divide into two sections.
2. Start a fishtail braid. This is where you take a little bit from the outside of section 1 and cross over it and add it to section 2. Take a small piece from the outside of section 2, cross over it and add section 1.
3. Now switch alternately and braid about 10 stitches. Go back and pancake or loosen the edges to create volume.
4. Braid and pinch to the end of your hair. Secure with a small rubber band.
5. Take a piece of hair from the front directly under your first section.
6. Pull the piece back and pull it about 5 stitches from the top through your fishtail.
7. Repeat this on the other side and then fix it with a hair clip in the middle of your fishtail where the parts intersect.
8. Take two more pieces from each side of the face and stick them in the fishtail a few stitches from the first side. Adjust your parts and attach them in the middle with a hairclip.
9. Repeat this process for as many sections as you like.
10. Finish with hairspray {if desired}.

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