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Medium, Short Hairstyles: Tousled Haircut

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The medium, short hairstyle looks luscious and more blocked, and the random lengths at the ends give it an edgy look that gives the whole hairstyle a rocker and trendy feel.

The hair ends are razor-sharp cut with deep lines, making the hair become tattered. These layered hair ends are wedge-shaped leading edges and some side swept sharp-cut fringes. The stratification is mainly on the top and leaves mass at the ends. The color is warm and the hair is smooth and soft in the finish. The cool and gorgeous middle hairstyle is perfect for many facial structures.

Styling steps

  1. Blow the hair straight and iron it with some smoothing serum to get the soft and smooth effect.
  2. Create different layers to add more volume. Cut the hair in the back shorter and keep the front and side hair longer.
  3. Sweep the fringes aside and comb the lengths forward to get an unkempt look.

Mittel, kurze Frisuren: Tousled Haircut

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