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Medium long straight hairstyles

Having mid-length straight does not always mean rocking the same style. Medium hairstyles are always attractive and that is what men think. Medium hairstyles will take a lot of your precious time. You still have the freedom to experiment with trendy updos. If you’re looking for an extra dose of inspiration, look at these medium-length, straight hairstyles and find the best idea for yourself.

When you are ready, we start without wasting a second.

Straight hair and pony

Fine hair can be fun with a chic pony. Ask your barber to put some wispy pony and your mid-length hairstyle will look twice better. Bangs are fabulous if you want to create a striking frame for your face. Note that Pony takes the medium-length haircut one step higher. You can rock this hairstyle both formally and casually.

Smooth hair with ruffled tips: medium-length, straight hairstyles

Sometimes thick straight hair may seem heavier and lifeless. Give your mane chic curls to make them visually interesting. Keep the upper bar straight and only curl the tips of your middle hair. Curl the tips and spray with flexible hair spray. The body shape and movement throughout the look are fabulous. It’s a great hairstyle for a mature woman.

Straight hairstyle with caramel highlights

This medium length hairstyle never looks boring or outdated or boring because of the shave and caramel highlights in the locks. Obviously, caramel highlights work with dark brown mane. When it comes to harvesting, you may already know that razor-cut haircuts are all in rage. Their locks get a more refined look under the sun. However, anyone can steal this headdress.

Edgy haircut for straight hair: medium length, straight hairstyles

Whether you knew it or not, but dull haircuts look pretty cool on straight hair. This style seems very easy to get, but you need to use gloss enhancing serum and texture spray. With the right amount of shine and texture your hair will never look boring. If you are looking for a simple but elegant hairstyle, this is the best hairstyle you should consider.

Non-Layered Haircut for Straight Hair

It is never necessary to search for layers to emphasize your strands. Hair highlights are also great to enhance any hairstyle – be it short or long. Add some face framing highlights to your locks and get a brand new hair look. Here’s an inspiring hairstyle for straight hair that you’ll definitely appreciate. Simple hair highlights bring things one step higher.

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