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Medium length Straight straight bob

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Straight hairstyle looks extremely nicey and graceful. It can earn you much envy admiration and make you more feminine. The big hairstyle is an ideal option for people with all facial shapes and for all occasions.

Some layers can help reduce any bulkiness, and the gorgeous layers can create a lot of volume and style for the whole look. Layers are a very popular addition to the hairstyle as they help to make a casual strubby hairstyle look young without much elaborate styling. The style looks simple, but chic and fabulous. It can be quite romantic and trendy. The delicate shoulder length leaves the viewer a deep impression.

Use a straightener to stretch the hair carefully and use it sparingly. Or it will do great damage to your hair. Then apply some gloss cream to make it shine. Comb all hair smooth. Create side swept pony to combine the gorgeous style. Create different layers to add volume to the overall look. Cut the length around the shoulder height. Leave the top area relatively smooth and straight. Leave only long layers cut at the edges to soften and soften the hairstyle.

Mittellange Länge Gerader Bob

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