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Medium length hairstyles for prom

Between the pert Pixie haircut and the mermaid mane sits medium-length hair. This hair length is always associated with praises and bobs that every celebrity in the world seems to have tried. As far as we can see, our favorite celebrities can not get enough of the low commitment harvest. The cut is fresh, modern and long enough to get different hairstyles and they are a great option for ball evenings.

mittellangen Frisuren für den Abschlussball ausprobieren. Regardless of whether you want to wear your braids in a braided or twisted updo, or prefer unconventional dedos, you should try these medium-length prom hairstyles.

Polished ponytail

When you come to a polished updo, just pull your center-parted curls back into a deep ponytail. However, you should still shine with a smoothing cream. Complete the look with a beautiful golden clip or ponytail holder. All you have to do is choose a right dress to make the prom look complete. Since it’s not a complicated hair design, you can create it yourself.

Updo with hair accessory: medium length hairstyles for prom

Hair accessories are never as long as they add a chic and sophisticated touch to your look. In fact, embellishments are the best way to make your look a little bit higher with minimal effort. We offer you to give a casual, loose bun a vintage touch by combining the flapper headband with a modern look. This accessory will give you an elegant ultra-feminine look.

Springy ringlets

For girls who prefer to keep things simple, we offer perfectly shaped and well-defined curls. With these incredible ringlets you will immediately stand out in the crowd. Most black women are blessed with these curls, while others can get them with hair tools and products. If you want the same look, be sure to use some CURL cream with your fingers for extra shine.

mittellange Frisuren für Abschlussball Pearled Bun: medium length hairstyles for prom

Minimalist updos are perfect for a variety of hair accessories. Here we have an excellent hairstyle that changes from a casual style to a formal one. The topknot becomes Prom-Ready with some ridiculously beautiful pearl needles. Nobody can deny the beauty of this lace knot. It’s an easy-to-use hairstyle that requires neither time nor money.

Waves for medium-length hair

If not updos than this amazing down-do might be what you are looking for. To create this piece-y-structured look, go for a midsection and strengthen your natural wave with a sea salt spray. The shimmering locks make the style simply outstanding. I assure you, these waves can serve as a great headdress for your prom. Just a real dress and you’re ready to hit the red carpet.

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