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Medium hairstyles for women 2020

With the advent of each new season, women want to make adjustments to the look, such as making a new hairstyle, adding light streaks, turning Bob into pixie. A new hairstyle is a great way to break away from stereotypes and express individuality.

In this article we find middle hairstyles for women 2019 trends.

Medium hairstyles for women 2019: fashion trends

According to stylists, the average hair length is the best option for fashionable haircuts. Mid-length curls look aesthetically feminine and offer unlimited possibilities to realize the main condition of fashion trends: style and emphasized individuality. There is a wide selection of medium-sized hairstyles for women 2019: from elegant bobsleigh and whimsical fabrics to glamorous Hollywood waves and mischievous daring curls.

The main trend of the beauty industry in 2019 is the naturalness that influences women’s hairstyles, hairstyles and styling:

slight negligence in laying, which is sometimes difficult to achieve

Asymmetry, which can be the basis of fashionable hairstyles as well as in the form of individual details

Creativity in the form of shaved temples, neck or tattoo. In combination with Bob updo bold haircut will look great

slanted farewell, fat pony, graduation will not lose any strong positions in 2019.

Current colors for women 2019

In 2019, Bob’s modification, non-standard approach to this stylish updo, unexpected incarnation of layered haircuts and actual types of coloration are on trend:

Medium hairstyles for women 2019: Stylish Bob in 2019

Selena Gomez, Kathy Perry, Miranda Kerr without remorse with long curly hair. In middle hairstyles for women 2019 trend, ordinary Bob turns ultra long Bob.

Stylists predict an increase in the popularity of haircut bobs, whose characteristic is asymmetry. Advantage of the hairstyle: It looks well-groomed at least 2-3 months after the haircut. Important here is the right choice of the degree of expansion and the shape. The most successful Bob sees girls with wide cheekbones.

Bob and his variations

Straight Bob with straight parting and elongated pony does not lose its relevance. Such hairstyle makes the woman fresh and younger and distracts attention from some shortcomings of appearance, for example, long nose. In addition, it is easy to create because it keeps perfect shape.

However, it can not be considered universal because it is not suitable for women with a narrow, stretched face, which makes it even narrower. Another fashionable option from Bob is extended hairstyle with straight separation. The haircut is usually suitable for girls who demand changes in the image. ovalen und runden Gesicht aussehen und betont damit die visuelle Eleganz. It will look perfect on oval and round face, emphasizing visual elegance.

Stylish tips and tricks for medium-length hair

Owners of narrow face medium hair will only fit if the hair is thick and bulky. Medium length is suitable for almost all girls, with any face type, and offers a great selection for styling experiments.

The average length allows you to create graphic Hollywood curls, carefree beach waves. Balayage looks perfect on Bob, pixel coloring or Ombre are usually unsurpassed techniques for medium hair.

Small clarification: Rundgesichtsmädchen instead of saying goodbye should use scythe. Short bob with straight cut line is ideal for owners of oval face. The haircut looks good on both wavy and straight hair. Colored and light strands look perfect on middle hair.

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