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Low Braided Bun Updos Tutorials

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Niedrige geflochtene Bun Updos Tutorials
Low Braided Bun Updo Tutorials / pinterest

This is a gorgeous braided bun updo that is full of volume and glamor. It works better on medium or long straight hair. It’s worth it to do it.

  • Straighten your hair to eliminate the tingling sensation. Divide the hair into three sections and leave less stalls at the sides and more in the middle section.
  • Put the middle hair in a clear elastic band on the neck and another on the hair tips.
  • Stow it inside and integrate it with the transparent rubber band.
  • Create the side hairs in two small braids.
  • Pull it over your head and fix the hair ends under the middle up style.

Niedrige geflochtene Bun Updos Tutorials


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