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Long shag haircuts 2020

Most women prefer effortless natural looking hairstyles that are also trend. Long shags are the best option to choose from. Long shag allows you to look stylish and wear your long, loose curls. Shags flatter both thick and fine hair. Thick hair owners always want to take excessive mass while those with thin hair want to add extra volume to their strands. Shag is the best solution for both cases. Continue reading and find some amazing long shag haircuts in 2019 .

Long, wavy hair

Layers are ideal for waves and curls, regardless of hair length and texture. With layers it is much easier to work. When it comes to getting these waves, you can do so with the help of braids, buns, curling irons or even straighteners. In fact, there are many ways to get those waves. Complete the look by combing and spraying with some sea salt spray for added texture.

long shag haircuts 2019: long curly hair

There is something incredible about this style. It is a fancy headdress to die for. Long, shaggy layers provide great texture and movement. It’s a style that you can reach in minutes. The following style requires nothing more than blow drying and combing. If you want to improve your waves, use a proper hair color.

Natural layers and ombre highlights

Shaggy hairstyles are perfect. Go to many levels to add style to the style. The quickest way to update your look is to add some highlights. The brightened tips brighten the look and make the shag a bit higher. If you love this idea, ask your stylist for the same style. It’s the high point to make a brand new haircut and boost your self-confidence.

Auburn Shag

Want a statement Shag? Here we have something for you. Look at these layers and a chic hair color. They are collected to provide a delicate and ultra-feminine hair style as follows. Let’s not forget the shaggy layers. It is an absolutely perfect headgear that is worth wearing. If you are not in shades of red, continue with your favorite tone. Red is not a must.

Shaggy Hair with Unequaled Pony

Messy short bangs take long strands one step higher. This amazing hairstyle is full of personality and beautiful patterns. It’s a style to stand out and make a fashion statement. It is impossible not to love this modern shag. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your haircut, consider this pony shag.

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